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Best Practices While Migrating From Asp.Net to Windows 8 Developments

As you adapt and evolve with Windows 8 is gaining traction in the marketplace comes the lessons and steep learning curves.

Let's get started with a few insights of best practices plus issues to be aware of while making the shift to Windows 8. While developing Windows Store apps HTML5/CSS3, DirectX/C++ and XAML/C# languages are available. If you are a .NET Web Developer, the XAML/C# option usually makes the most sense, so that will be our focus.


Let the best coding practices stay the same regardless of what you're developing for. In windows 8, give the same importance to strategies such as including a separation of data layer, business layer and UI as in an ASP.NET framework.

While researching briefly on the features that your application requires how you can achieve these functionalities, there are few tools like MVVM Light Toolkit and SQLite to be great use in our line-of-business (LOB) application.

During Development

UX Change Implications: Gone are the days of Chrome tools. In the controlled Windows 8 environment there is no more varying interpretations of styles across browsers and contained style resources. Simply put, Windows 8 requires you to backtrack.

ASP.NET Web Forms Versus XAML: If you are familiar with ASP.NET Web Forms there will have no problem picking up the similar lifecycle of a Windows 8 page. However, one major difference worth noting is navigation.


Compared to the traditional web application format the post-development changes require extra attention.

Offline Syncing: Despite internet connection, windows store apps allows users to continue working on processes, say 24X7.

Side loading Versus the Windows Store: Deploying a side-loaded LOB app compared to a Windows Store consumer-facing application has got a lot of benefits. Deployment is often more streamlined because it doesn't involve certain requirements from the app store or approval processes.

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