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Improving Through Engineered Thermoplastics

All around the world, people are becoming more environmentally conscious. Many cities around the world and in the United States are developing bicycle ride share programs. People are encouraged to use the bicycles, instead of taxis, public transportation, or cars. The response in certain cities has been extremely positive and many residents are enjoying biking around to work and social events.

All the riding is also placing a strain on the bikes. Earlier this year, China, whose program is really successful, sought a way to make a tougher tire as the air-filled ones on their bicycles were suffering terribly. Engineers are going to experiment with engineered thermoplastics utilizing composite materials and attempt to create a better tire.

Some of the bikes are now a solid tire designed with a rubber-polyurethane foam blend while others a solid tire designed with thermoplastic elastomers. The polyurethane foam tires reduced the bike weight and improved shock absorption and resilience.

Such is really just one way a designer can use engineered thermoplastics.

Ecomass Technologies

For nearly twenty years, Ecomass Technologies has been delivering innovative solutions through advanced composite materials and engineered thermoplastics. It has worked successfully with both government and commercial clients to solve a host of challenges. Its skill and expertise in the design and development of high-density polymers and thermoplastic compounds givesits customers the freedom to focus on design, form, and function. Ecomass’ goal is to empower its customers with the highest-performance and lowest-cost materials, thereby allowing them to effectively compete in their respective markets.

In the United States, Ecomass Technologies is the innovative and technological leader in high density engineered thermoplastics. Its line of patented, nontoxic, high-density polymer thermoplastic composite materials can be formulated to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Ecomass’ engineered thermoplastics and high-density polymer compounds have been specified as a direct substitute in a number of applications and also used as balancing weights to reduce the loads to which a part is exposed, increasing the part’s service life.

Engineered thermoplastics, “heavy plastics,” or high density polymers, while their names convey the opposite, interestingly, make parts lighter and improve performance. Regardless of whether the goal is to improve performance, balance, increase service life, or shield radiation, manufacturers need high density materials that allow them to add mass to specific locations.

Ecomass’ customer service team is recognized for its skill and responsiveness. See its website for contact information and its RFQ Form. It’s probably already worked on the solution you’re seeking.


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