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stabilizing Mermaid Prom Dresses

Women are neither negotiators nor beneficiaries in the whole deal even though the practice effects them directly. This article emphasises the need for bride-price to be Cheap Prom Dresses symbolic expression of gratitude for parental consent and not an instrument for the subjugation of women.Introduction.

Customary bride-price is the amount Short Prom Dresses money, property or services paid by the family of the man to that of a woman for the purpose of marriage. It connotes compensation for the upbringing, training, and education of the girl, or compensation to her family for the removal of a food producer, or a payment for the use of the woman's reproductive organs.

In the Baba clan of the North-West province of Cameroon, it is referred to as "Weeh-Yingw Prom Dresses 2012", meaning the worth of two slaves.Although statutory law in Cameroon recognises this practice, it does not enforce payment. Section of the Civil Status Registration.

Ordinance states that "The total or partial payment or non-payment Corset Prom Dresses dowry, the total or partial execution of any marriage agreement shall have no effect on the validity of marriage". This section further clarifies that any action questioning the validity of a marriage as a result of the total or partial failure to execute a dotal or a matrimonial agreement shall be rejected on grounds of public policy.

This institution is nevertheless well established under Customary Law, which is one of the laws applicable High Low Prom Dresses the country. No marriage can be contracted under this Law without the payment of a bride-price since it imparts validity to the traditional institution of marriage.

It is also perceived as a socially stabilizing Mermaid Prom Dresses actor. Failure to effect payment will render a marriage void under Customary Law although, as noted above, this is contrary to statutory law in Cameroon.The aim of this article is to shed more light on the adverse effects of this practice in terms of women's rights, and to suggest ways and means of improving the situation.

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