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Term A trademark's term is perpetual, as long as it remains in use. Federal registration is valid for ten years and may be renewed in ten-year terms indefinitely Prom Dresses 2012, provided the trademark continues to be used on the goods or services specified in the registration.

Enforcing Trademark Rights.An action to prevent infringement of cheap prom dresses trademark may be commenced in federal or state court. The action may be based on ownership of a federal trademark registration, or based on common-law use rights. The test for infringement is whether or not use of the name is "likely to cause confusion."

Individual states also have laws governing the protection of trademarks and the avoidance of confusion in the marketplace tiffany on sale. Famous trademarks are given a broader scope of protection, and federal and state statutes protect these well-known names from dilution, which results from use of the similar name on products or services diverse from those used by the trademark owner.

Because litigation is expensive and time-consuming, the decision to commence an action for trademark infringement should only be taken in consultation with experienced intellectual property counsel.If litigation is successful, a successful trademark owner is entitled to an injunction Tiffany Rings on Sale prevent continued use of the infringing name, and may also be awarded monetary damages and attorney's fees.

Federal registrations may also be recorded with the U.S. Customs Service, which is charged with preventing products containing names or symbols that infringe upon a valid trademark from being imported.Trade Dress.Trade dress is the most elusive of all forms of intellectual Paloma Picasso Loving Heart pendant property protection since, unlike patents, copyrights, or trademarks, there is no federal statute specifically directed toward trade dress rights.

The law of trade dress is primarily based on case precedent.Trade dress protects the "look" of a product or the packaging for a product. The theory of protection Paloma Picasso Loving Heart ringthat a product's or package's look may be so wellknown that the sale of a competing product or product package with a similar look may result in public confusion and deception.

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