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Theater--in the sense of active, shifting personas, storytelling, role-playing, and sometimes lies--is a basic way in which people relate to each other Cheap Prom Dresses Valencia. She often describes people according to a few colorful adjectives that describe their shifting roles. Her girlfriend Iris looks like "a glamorous model, a fifteen-year-old boy, a fairy or elf or little kid" .

She is fascinated by a crush's outlandish stories yet encourages them because she wants Short Prom Dresses badly to believe in them. Another aspect of this theatricality is the myths that Tea lives by, even as she satirizes them. She says, "I quit my job. I quit Willa too, eventually I did, because she was not in love with me and I was an artist, a lover, a lover of women, a warrior really, too noble to stick it out in a dead-end job `til they saw fit to fire me" .

Like so many things in the book, she treats the myth both Prom Dresses 2012 an absolute and a playful, scornful way. A part of Tea's theatrical persona is her "sleazier than thou" attitude. She scoffs at the chain-link fence inside one gay bar, "an attempt to make the place seem dangerous.

Please, I've been to sleazier places than that" .I found this attitude hilarious; it seemed to me as if a popular teenybopp Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses "Oh my God that is so old" voice had been transplanted into the leather scene. The way she flaunts her self-destructiveness with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes was a little more disturbing.

She describ Cheap Cocktail Dresses herself as half-alcoholic several times, but she has some serious critiques of Twelve Step group earnestness. Frankly, I wasn't quite sure how destructive her substance use was, and it seemed like she didn't either.One thing that seems to go along with the theatrical dyke scene is a clannishness and snobbishness about those who just don't get it.

Fortunately for the credibilit Cheap Evening Dresses of the book, Tea at least admits the moments when she is trying too hard and she is less than the coolest of the cool. She takes a brief trip to Tucson, where she is the outsider at a party. As she mopes on the couch, she observes, "Dykes are really sceney everywhere, not just San Francisco.

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