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Burstyn argues that sport is part of the system of social reproduction, and its structures "re-stratified along lines of gender, colour, ethnicity, class, sexuality and physical ability" Prom Dresses 2012. Sport is particularly divided along gender lines, and men are the normative standard by which women's sports are judged Felshin 19.

Sport is a system identified with male cheap prom dresses "self-actualization," and participation of females has been seen as anomalous Felshin 18. The identification of sport with masculinity means that the benefits and attributes accorded to athletes, such as teamwork, muscularity and sweat can be seen as anomalous to femininity.

Like Burstyn, Jan Felshin's research is part of a body of work on the sociology of sport that considers its relationship tiffany on sale power structures. Felshin argues that as a consequence of the identification of sport with masculinity, woman athletes have tended to develop an "apologetic" to compensate for their participation. Felshin argues:

the apologetic suggests that the woman athlete can appear feminine... is feminine, which has to do with sexual normality and attractiveness Tiffany Cuff Links on Sale well as so-called "lady-like" behaviour, and wants to be feminine, which means that social roles are valued more than sport roles, and life goals include marraige and motherhood rather than being a champion athlete.

Notwithstanding the seriousness of her participation in sport, "the importance of femininity as a social assumption for women requires that those athletes who value social acceptance deny it [sport] and affirm that they are real women with feminine goals and interests" Felshin . The "feminine apologetic Tiffany 1837 bangle" will be the theoretical concept applied to my deconstruction of three ads as social texts.

Femininity is a culturally sanctioned ideal of womanhood, but it is neither determinate nor unitary . Instead, femininity is contingent Tiffany 1837 Bar drop earrings upon place and time and it is "intelligible only in the context of the complex of which" [it] "is part" 37-3.The ideal woman of post-war Canada was thought by many to be embodied in the person of Barbara Ann Scott. Media stories about Scott, the 1948 European, World and Olympic women's figure skating champion, exhaust themselves in their descriptions of the athlete. A 1948 Time magazine description extends to a paragraph:

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