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This is the culmination Cheap Prom Dresses Africa's colonialist-instigated knowledge revolution, whose negative valuing of age, nonwhite experience, and women was patent.In what way does the accomplishment of this African knowledge revolution resemble the contemporary situation in the United States?

After all, the formal educational revolution in Western Europe and European settler societies like the United States took place long ago, beginning Short Prom Dresses the eighteenth century, with similar results for women in some ways but not as major as in Africa, since European women often had less distance to fall than African women.

However, the United States is a leader in the computer revolution, Prom Dresses 2012 which a new knowledge system is superseding an older one. This revolution is accompanied by an ideology that says that computers overturn conventional hierarchies and promote a free market economy and nondiscriminatory employment.

Computer use does not require physical strength, even masking health and strength deficits in some cases, and the gender and race of users can be easily disguised Cheap Green Prom Dressescyberspace. Most training for computer employment is on-the-job, thus negating the conventional gatekeepers in higher education, where computer science is heavily male dominated.

Computer (or IT, information technology, as it is often called) employment is wide open, as befits a booming industr Cheap Pink Prom Dresses, with high demand in entry-level positions and new software companies springing up daily. Can we claim, then, that there are negative gender and age implications in this knowledge revolution?

I will begin here with a consideration Cheap Purple Prom Dresses the impact of computers on employment by age and gender, and deal primarily with computer workers rather than consumers. (Women and some seniors are as eager consumers on the net as elsewhere; a recent survey indicated that young women now surpass young men as internet consumers.)

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