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Never call somebody using the index finger with the palm Cheap Prom Dresses. This insinuates that the person to whom you are beckoning is a dog. Pointing with a finger, while less offensive than pointing with a foot, is acceptable only for objects and not for people, even those of inferior rank.

Farangs will note that Thais seem to hold eye contact longer than most westerners do. Thais use their eyes and eyebrows often in their daily communication Short Prom Dresses. While farangs should not fear prolonged eye contact, Thais will become offended if they think you are staring at them.

Entertainment protocol.Thai negotiators expect to entertain you and to be entertained by you Prom Dresses 2012 return. In fact, quite often your initial meeting with your Thai negotiating counterparts may be over lunch or drinks, so that they can get to know you. However, do not expect to discuss business over lunch.

To enterta Cheap High Low Prom Dresses a small group, it is best to take them to a western restaurant in a five-star hotel. Arrange a buffet supper for a large group. Unlike in the Middle East, always include Thai wives in your invitation. Expect to eat with western-style forks and spoons - but not often with knives.

It is quite important to keep the fork in the left hand and the spoon in the right hand. Reve Cheap One Shoulder Prom Dresses the process if you are left-handed. Cut with the side of the spoon, not with the fork. Use the fork to push food into the spoon. Never take the last bit of food in a serving dish. Wait until it is offered to you and then refuse politely the first time.

When it is offered again, accept it. It is consid Cheap Sexy Prom Dresses an honor to have the last bit of food. Drink tea or beer with your meals. Drink water only if you have seen it being poured from a glass of mineral water. Although many Thais smoke after dinner, do not be the first one to light your cigarette.

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