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The "other" does not necessarily have to be "other" in terms Cheap Prom Dresses exhibiting strange or "exotic" language and behaviour. Time and time again, the dominant culture reduces identity down to imaginary racial categories. The fact that multigenerational South Asian Canadians are treated as other, as not-quite Canadians, attests to this.

At what point do multigenerational South Asian Canadians cease being seen as from somewhere else? As Himani Bannerji comments, "[t]he second generation grows up Short Prom Dresses cultural languages which are not foreign to them, though they are still designated as foreigners" (: ).

South Asian Canadian women are in Prom Dresses 2012 predicament of perpetual foreigness--constantly being asked where they are from and having stereotypical characteristics assigned to them despite their "Canadianness." Though they are in their country of origin, they are not of it.

Presentation of self is one way in which we demonstrate our personal identities White Strapless Dresses and recognize those of others. This holds true if we encountered someone who had inscribed her body with tattoos, multiple body-piercings, and blue hair. However, it is quite a different situation when a South Asian Canadian woman tries to ground her personal identity in this way.

Regardless of whether her hair is covered by a hijab or is short and chic, regardless of whether she is wearing a salwaar-kameez Cheap Wedding Dresses jeans, she is still subject to an otherization based on an imaginary "South Asian other" constructed through racist ideology. Her own body inscriptions are ignored, as the only signifier needed for recognition from the dominant culture seems to be phenotypical.

These phenotypical characteristics Cheap Wedding Guest Dresses stand, as they have in the past, though perhaps to a lesser extent, as signifiers of difference and inferiority.In Farzana Doctor's poem "Banu," the narrator traces her changing responses and attitudes towards racism at different stages throughout her life. During childhood and as a young adult, assimilation is her response.

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