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I don't think those who criticize the government's political and legal acts regarding women should deny such areas of progress. By the same token, those who are positive about changes since the 1980s should pay more attention than your correspondents do to the role of women's struggles Cheap Prom Dresses bringing about such progress and the need to encourage, not suppress, more such women's struggles, in which the now-muzzled press has played a key role.

The area of dress should not be dismissed by saying that men must also dress modestly, which is quite a different thing in practice, or by the almost rhapsodic attitude of Beeman Short Prom Dressesregarding current dress. It is true, as he says, that most women do not regard dress as the major issue and very sensibly opt to leave it in the background while they work for reform of the many laws that still discriminate against women.

It Prom Dresses 2012 is not enough to say that these reforms must be slow in a conservative country; with struggle many things are achieved much more quickly than anyone could have predicted.On the current case of Mehrangiz Kar, it may be that her arrest was formally on the same grounds as others.

But her role as a leading fighter for women's rights and the denial of permission for her to travel for cancer treatment mean that she is being singled out for her activism, and that campaigns focusing on her are justified and can be productive. I would, however, argue that some of those protesting this case should acknowledge that advances regarding women have occurred under the IRI and not write as if they were addressing, say, the government of Afghanistan White Strapless Dresses.

I am glad to have Bill Beeman's clarification Cheap Wedding Dresses and additional points. His oped did not highlight women's struggles, including the women's press, as key elements in women's advances in the IRI. Nor did his piece give even one sentence to the darker side. The points in his response on the attitudes of the ulama to the results of their own claims of equality are interesting, but they would not have had to make good on any of these claims had many women and some men not been pushing them.

Hossein Partovi, professor of physics, California State University, Sacramento Cheap Wedding Guest Dresses. February 12, 2001:I would like to relate my first encounter with the paradoxical rise of women in the public arena subsequent to the 1979 revolution. While visiting Iran in 1989, 1 gave a short course of lectures on chaos theory at Sharif University.

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