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Why Buy Handmade Earrings?

For centuries earrings have been worn by men and women-and not surprisingly, because earrings can beautifully accessorize a wardrobe.

Now earrings can be found almost everywhere - they are sold by street vendors, grocery stores, department stores, boutiques, and many online stores. And there are so many manufacturers of earrings, with several well-known brand names. But, why buy handmade earrings? Among the countless reasons for buying handmade, three of the reasons are quality, uniqueness and color.


You might be concerned that a pair of handmade earrings will lack quality.

A jewelry artist who is serious about his or her work, and who is concerned about the name behind the jewelry will make every piece with quality in mind. If each piece of jewelry doesn't meet a set of standards, the artist will work with the piece until it meets the standards or if necessary, vintage silver brooch the artist will scrap the piece and start again.

While you'll find a lot of silver-plated and gold-plated earrings in department stores, many jewelry artists only use quality earring findings and ear wires. If you are concerned about quality, look for handmade earrings that have sterling silver, gold or gold-filled earring findings; you'll find that the jewelry will last longer, too.

Remember to closely examine handmade earrings for quality. If you are shopping for earrings on the Internet, use the zoom-in feature on the picture of the earrings. If there is no zoom-in feature, or if you can't see the earrings clearly, look for other handmade jewelry websites that have clear pictures that can be viewed closely.

The return policy of the store often tells you if quality is a concern to the seller. If you're shopping in a store, ask about the return policy. If you're shopping online for handmade heart of the ocean pendant earrings, remember to read about the return policy.


The handcrafted earrings that you buy will be different from anything you've seen in a department store. Handmade earrings are not mass-produced, so it is unusual for any two pairs of earrings to be exactly alike. Most jewelry artists pride themselves on producing different designs; it is their preference.

Adding to the uniqueness of handmade earrings is the fact that many jewelry artists make the elements or accents that they use for their earrings, or they use elements that are handmade by other artists. Do a web search for handmade or handcrafted earrings, and notice how different the designs are from one site to the next.

If you choose handmade earrings, you'll truly have a pair of unique earrings.


Silver and gold, silver, gold and brass. That's mostly what you will stackable bangle bracelets see in a department store. But what if you want quality-not costume-earrings with color in them? Look for handcrafted earrings. The jewelry artist is just that-an artist who understands what you are looking for-quality and uniqueness with color.

Jewelry artists have access to so many colorful elements-quality-blown glass beads, ceramic beads, semi-precious stones, and a variety of beautiful natural elements that are made by artists from around the world.

The next time you are looking for earrings to accessorize your pink, purple, red, blue or yellow outfit, look for handmade earrings. If you are looking for earrings on the Internet, simplify your web search by including in your search terms the color or kind of earrings that you want, such as "handmade yellow stone earrings" or "handcrafted red dangle earrings." Take the time to look at several websites, or in several shops that feature handcrafted jewelry.

There is a jewelry artist who has made a pair of earrings that will fit your color preference, taste in earrings and budget. Even if you wear clip-on earrings, you'll be able to find colorful, unique, handmade designs.

Are you looking for earrings? You have lots of choices, but consider unique handmade earrings. The quality, color and uniqueness that you'll find can make buying them your preference - and your habit.

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