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Uses and Care of Costume Jewelry

Why did costume jewelry come into being? Is it a new concept? It is definitely not anything new. It was always there but it just gained popularity as more and more designers have stepped in this industry and have introduced a large variety in this segment.

Fashion jewelry has become a necessity. The traditional jewelry has become prohibitively expensive and started getting treated as more of an investment than a fashion. The new kind of trinkets has increased the opportunity to play around and experiment with new looks and styles. It does not leave a person bankrupt even after all the experimentation. swarovski crystal bracelet One can easily let go of an old piece when it does not match with the new look. Its affordability has turned people fashion conscious. Finding costume jewelry has become easier; there are many designers who have developed fabulous units of fashion jewelry.

Many variations of the same trend can be found easily. It can some times be called as imitation of the fine jewelry. This kind of collection can be carried while travelling as the fear of loss is taken away. In the case of traditional trinkets a displaced stone or a broken link in a chain can cause a lot of trouble. To get it fixed is a headache. bead charm bracelets Any such accident occurs in case of costume jewelry a whole piece can be replaced by a new one.

Any of the older outfit which was thought to be outdated can be re used by adding a few embellishments. These are also available in different colors to use them according to the mood. Fashion jewels help in enhancing the mood along with the appearance

It is not just enough to collect them, it is necessary to take proper care. The costume jewels should never be allowed to come in contact with soap, water, oil, perfumes or any other chemicals. Always keep the jewels away before any kind of work. Keep natural jewelry it dry and store them away from moisture, heat and dust. For cleaning them a soft brush and alcohol free cleanser is to be used. All the pieces are to be stored wrapped in a soft cloth and in separate containers to avoid scratching. Check for any lose stone or link and mend it. When ever buffing is required use a ornaments cloth.

Fashion jewelry mostly is made up of a base metal and a layer of the precious metal such as gold or silver is layered on it to resemble them by using various scientific methods. Some of them are electroplating, layering, overlying There is also a method called tone in which the base metals are made to resemble the original precious metal In all the other methods a certain amount of the precious metal is present. The methods used to make the metal resembling the precious are many. It is amazing to see that the costume ornament looks so close to the real one at times.

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