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Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the hardest things to do is choose a bridesmaid's dress. You have three main factors that will always influence your decision. Is the dress practical for the wedding, is the dress going to be comfortable to run around in, and is this dress fashionable or not?

Is this dress practical for a wedding?
You need to look at the potential bridesmaid's dress and figure out if it is more club wear or if it looks more like a prom dress. Try to choose the dress based on what the bride is looking for and her color scheme. Just make sure the dress is tasteful and will not upset the bride or embarrass you. Do not try to wear a swarovski dress that is low cut or is too short. This is not practical for a wedding. You should checkout a few bridesmaid dresses online before you go out and start spending money.

Multi purpose
If you look like you are ready for a night out on the town then you might want to consider finding a new dress. Find a dress that looks like it belongs at a wedding and make sure that the colors match up with that of the wedding decorations and the other bridesmaids. Also try to avoid wearing a gown that you cannot put on properly or one that has a sash that you cannot keep a hold of. The dress may look amazing with a sash, but you might end designer bangle bracelets up getting tangled up in it and trip over it.

Is this dress going to be comfortable?
Bridesmaids are there to help the bride with whatever she may need. If your dress is too long and you need to run around a lot for the bride, you run the risk of tripping and falling. This is also seen when the reception comes around, and you have to dance. Find something that you can easily run around with or dance in. So, you might need to choose the shorter style dress than the long evening gown.
Also make sure that the dress fits you properly and that you have room to breathe. No one needs the bridesmaid to pass out in the middle jewelry anklet of the wedding or during the reception just because she thought the dress looked better in a smaller size than the actual size that she really needed. Get the size that you need and make sure that once it is altered to fit you that you try to watch your weight as much as possible to allow you to have a more enjoyable time.

Is the dress fashionable?
The main thing that everyone is looking for in the wedding is to make everyone look as fashionable as possible so that the wedding pictures come out great and you can look back at the pictures and say "wow", those were some amazing dresses.
Do not try to make your bridesmaid dress look like a fad that is long gone. If you think the dress looks amazing, get a second opinion or maybe even a third. You may love the dress but your friends and even the bride might hate it. Try to pick out a dress that will express your style without making the bride angry or out shining the bride's dress.

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