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The History And The Modern Era

The Victorian Era started when Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837. It spanned over 60 years from 1837 to 1901. Jewelry designs from this era were coined as Victorian Style Jewelry. All throughout this era the designs were influenced by the life of Queen Victoria. The era started with a romantic period when young Queen Victoria ascended the throne and married Prince Albert. Jewelry designs in this period were mostly symbols of love like hearts, love knots, clasped hands, anchor and so on. Lockets retired swarovski ornaments that could hold a picture or a lock of hair were very popular. Gold was limited, so filigree work can be seen in the jewelry pieces of this period. Bright colored gemstones were used to reflect the happiness of Queen Victoria.

In 1861 Prince Albert died. Queen Victoria was devastated and mourned for over 20 years. During this period jewelry designs became more heavy and dark. Black onyx and garnet were used along with black enamel. Around 1890's the

Queen finally came out of her mourning. Jewelry designs became flashy and trendy. Diamonds personalized heart necklace were used in abundance. Symbols of life, like flowers and butterflies were incorporated in jewelry designs. Travel and sports were popular leisure activities. They influenced the jewelry designs towards the end of the Victorian era.

Part 2 - Modern Era

The Victorian era ended in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria but the fascination for it did not. Over the last century Victorian designs have been reincarnated in gold, and precious stones set in filigree work. These Victorian pieces of jewelry have become a collector's swarovski necklace sale item. Their ornate design with huge gemstones makes them unique.

However in the last decade or so Victorian Styles have influenced the fashion jewelry world. The Modern Era Victorian Style Jewelry is very affordable thanks to the fashion jewelry designers. They have incorporated Victorian styles in everyday wear. Today Victorian style jewelry pieces are made in gold or silver plated metal with semi precious and natural stones. Some are also using simulated gemstones to represent the colors of precious stones.Large pearls are also being set in Victorian designs. Some modern era jewelry pieces are given a Victorian finish to give a vintage effect. Although today's Victorian style jewelry are made in precious metals or stones, designers have managed to capture the essence of the Victorian era.

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