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The Gothic Style Full Finger Armor Rings Come Complete With Major Appeal

If you have not seen some of the fantastic new rings that are currently making a bit of an impact in the jewelry world, boy are you missing out. If you like accessories that are a little different then, I think if you take a look at an armor ring you will be amazed by what you find. You can really express yourself in a very individual but stylish way.

I think that as a society we have become more free in our attitudes and thinking because once upon a time anybody or anything that was radically different or did not quite appear to conform to what we would bangles jewelry normally expect was pretty much frowned upon. It never seemed right or proper to do something that strayed outside of the box.

Thank goodness times have changed and now we are so much more tolerant of all things strange and quirky. The downside of this is, it is far tougher these days to stand out in the crowd and make an impact regardless of how you try to achieve it. So, just by adding something as simple as a stunning piece of jewelry and really creating an interest is pretty cool and I promise you that wearing an armor ring will do just that.

Until swarovski recently I had never heard of, let alone seen one and so was totally unprepared for what greeted me as I feasted my eyes on what can only be described as some awesome finger adornments. They are also known as a full finger ring, medieval ring, Gothic armor ring and even skull ring but round and ring like they are not.

Imagine something that when you put it on it can cover from the base of your finger to either your second knuckle or a little further up to finish just below the base of your nail, sounds different already? This is why they are so visually disney jewelry impactive and create such an interest when you wear them.

Generally made of pewter or sterling silver, both of which make for very durable, comfortable, wearable jewelry. They are designed to be made of 2 or 3 pieces and jointed in the same places as your own fingers (so easy to move when you flex and extend) the styles I have to say are just breathtaking.

To have a jointed finger decoration is pretty special and luckily they are very unisex in their appeal. They contain some truly intricate workmanship and whether you like intricate, delicate or slightly more menacing (in an intriguing way) you are sure to be inspired.

If you want something amazing for yourself or maybe a special gift for somebody who has everything, I can guarantee neither you or they will be disappointed just exceptionally thrilled.

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