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The Elegance and Grace of the Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most dazzling cuts of diamonds is the Marquise. With its somewhat classic style and dazzling beauty, the Marquise cut diamond engagement ring is certainly no slouch in the flash department. In fact, it still remains one of the more popular choices for engagement rings. Keep that in mind when you are searching for a lovely ring to place on the finger of your sweetheart.

The shape of the Marquise and its ultimate creation has long been credited to historical figure, King Louis the XV. Swarovski 981535 It is said that he desired a diamond in the shape of his mistress's mouth, so the court jeweler was commissioned to create one. The outcome of his efforts was the Marquise. For some, this cut's history only enhances the romantic value of the stone itself, while others simply appreciate that the Marquise cut diamond has survived the ever evolving changes of diamond cuts and styles, of which many of the older cuts are no longer being produced.

The Marquise cut diamond is a cross between an oval and swarovski a diamond shape. With pointed ends and long, smooth rounded sides; this classy cut is certainly a beauty as a solitaire or even in a multi-stone grouping. Many choose the Marquise as the center stone in a grouped setting, but this style also looks quite fetching when placed as side stones with a round brilliant or princess cut diamond as the center stone.

With the Marquise cut diamond, as well as with the majority of diamonds, you can find a variety of settings to choose from and most high quality Swarovski 1039022 settings will showcase the stone beautifully. You will find that you can choose platinum, white gold, yellow gold or even sterling silver if you prefer it. No matter what your choice, you should always ensure that your setting is strong so that the Marquise is not easily popped out of place. Another thing to consider is insuring your marquise diamond ring against loss, damage or theft.

Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase a diamond for an engagement ring, an anniversary ring or a lovely right hand ring, the Marquise cut diamond is always an excellent choice. Its rich history, classic style and immeasurable beauty make this a diamond that your loved one will be elated to receive and treasure for many years to come.

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