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Swarovski Crystal Necklace

So you stopped by your favorite craft store and the pretty Swarovski Crystals caught your eye. You picked out your favorite selection because after all they are gorgeous and they are calling your name. Putting them in your basket you continue to shop for what you originally came for. While the cart makes it many turns throughout the store you figure you'll make a necklace. But you only bought 12 crystal beads. How can you make an elegant necklace with just necklace swarovski 12 beads? Well I'll show you how with one bead to spare.

First thing you need is all of your materials. In order to create a simple floating Swarovski Crystal necklace you will need your color choice of tiger tail wire, your color choice of 24- 2mm crimps, a wire cutter, crimper or flat needle nose pliers, 6 mm jump ring, 12mm lobster clasp and a measuring tape.

Second measure out 20 inches (or desired length + 2 inches) of your choice of tiger tail swarovski crystal wire and cut using wire cutters.

After deciding your alternating pattern of beads (if you chose 2 different colors or sizes), put your first bead on followed by a crimp on both sides. Holding both ends together determine where the center of the necklace is. You might need to gently pull down on the Swarovski Crystal bead in order to get it properly centered. Once the bead is in the center use the crimper or needle nose pliers and crimp the crimps on both swarovski sides of the bead.

Next put on another crimp on both sides followed by your choice of beads and another crimp after that. Using the measuring tape space the crimps on both sides of the center bead ¾ of an inch away so that there is ¾ of an inch tiger tail showing than crimp the crimps on both sides of the bead. Continue this 3/4" pattern until all 11 beads have been used.

Then hold the floating Swarovski Crystal necklace that you have swarovski outlet just created up to you neck and determine where you want it to hang. Once you find your desired length gently bend the tiger tail wire where the ends meet. There should be at least ¾ of an inch extra so that the wire can bend and leave an indentation when you remove it from your neck.

Last thing to do is put on a crimp on either side of the necklace followed by a spring ring on one side and a lobster clasp on the other. Place the lobster clasp at the groove of the wire and loop the end of the wire through the crimp. When the crimp is positioned so that the lobster clasp has a little room to move, crimp it using the pliers or crimper. Repeat this step on the other side for the spring ring. When you are finished you can cut off the extra wire hanging out of the crimp.

Holding up your simple yet elegant floating Swarovski Crystal necklace you put it on and admire it in the mirror.

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