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Some Materials and Designs Used to Create Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring the cut of the diamond is just as important as the size and the clarity. There are a number of different cuts used to create stunning rings used for engagement purposes including the pear shaped engagement rings. This type of cut actually is more like a teardrop shape than a pear because the small end comes to a point. When placed within the ring's setting it is inverted so the larger rounded end of the gem points up. This gives the diamond a very distinctive child charm bracelet design that is optimal for reflecting the light that hits its surface area.

The elegant pear shaped engagement rings can be found in bands made of gold or silver and may even come in styles that use additional diamonds along the sides as accent pieces. You can also find this particular diamond cut in settings of platinum and white gold, which often have a brighter appearance to the metal than traditional silver. The various settings used for the pear diamond will usually be typical prong settings with crystals swarovski two prongs placed on each side of the gem and an additional prong placed at the small tip.

The different bands can also come with carved sides or ornately crafted mounts. A gold band may have an arched mount with the solid band split to form two separate surfaces adorned with baguettes. You will also see tiny gems called brilliants used as accent pieces that often surround the main center stone. In some uniquely designed pear shaped engagement rings there will be a center diamond in the pear shape bumble bee brooch with two smaller adjacent ones also in the pear shape. You can also choose to have a ring custom created with any number of gemstones set into the band as accent pieces for the center diamond.

When browsing the various types of pear shaped engagement rings you will find will be related to the size or weight of the stones used in the piece. The price will also reflect the color of the diamond used with ranges differing for blue or yellow gemstones. The cost of an engagement ring is also determined by the type of material the band is made of and the kt weight of that material. Whatever type of materials you decide to go with you will find the classic design of the pear cut adds an elegant touch to whatever type of setting it is placed in.

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