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Running Shoes

As the name suggests, running shoes are the most important companions of a runner, preventing leg injuries and making the running style more efficient. Shoe companies invest a lot of time and money in the technological and scientific aspects of running shoes to enable the runner to go faster with greater ease. The architecture of running shoes has evolved significantly over the years with the advancement of technology. However, some basic components still remain the same.

Running christian louboutin shoe shoes primarily consist of five components or sections, which defines their anatomy, namely the outsole, the midsole, the upper, the heel counter and the post or footbridge. The treaded layer on the surface under the shoes is known as the outsole, which provides grip and control to the runner. Outsoles are generally made of carbon rubber or other similar materials. Outsoles are often studded for enhancing the grip on soft surfaces.

A mid-sole is usually made of ethylene vinyl acetate red bottom shoes Christian Louboutin (EVA), polyurethane (PU) or by combining these two and is the most important component of all running shoes. It provides a stable and cushioned layer between the outsole and the upper. Midsoles help in limiting the pronation or the rolling in of the feet.

The upper might be made of leather or lighter synthetic materials to allow breathing and reducing heat inside the shoes. This part wraps the foot around over the top and has a tongue that is padded to protect the top of the foot Christian Louboutin flats sale from the pressure of the laces. Also, the upper at the back protects the foot from irritation and prevents rubbing against the tendons.

The heel counter surrounds the heel of the foot and is built in the "upper" part of the shoe. These are firm, inflexible cup shaped components controlling the motion of the back foot. The footbridge or post increases stability in the inner side of the shoe and is placed in the midsole.

It is important to choose the right kind of running shoes according to the suitability of each individual runner. This will ensure maximum comfort and stability while running. Running shoes can be purchased at local retail stores or can be bought through online shopping stores.

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