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Mary Jane Shoes

In America, the term Mary Jane shoes simply refers to low heeled sandals. Mary Jane shoes are always designed with well-spaced rounded and enclosed toe regions as well as a strap across the instep. In the past, these shoes were produced mainly with patent leather that featured a glossy finish as well as a number of patent leather imitations. However, today Today, they are made with all manner of materials available to us in all manner of designs. Previously, the dominant stereotype was Christian Louboutin simple 85 that these shoes were most suitable for young people as footwear for formal events. Today however, these shoes appeal to women of all ages, races and backgrounds.

Despite the success of this footwear design, the name Mary Jane shoes originated surprisingly from the comic character of the same name of "Buster Brown", a popular comic strip during that time. This was due to the fact that one of the characters was constantly portrayed wearing low heeled sandals which featured rounded enclosed Christian Louboutin very mix platform peep toe pumps toe designs at the front as well as the strap across the instep. It was in 1904 that the Brown Shoe Company went into partnership with the creator of the comic strip while adopting the character of Mary Jane as a mascot. They even went so far as to trademark the term for a period of time. Today, without the renewal of said trademark, the term is used freely and widely across the globe for shoes of the same classic Mary Jane shoes design as well as those with a more modern touch.

One Christian Louboutin crystal pumps of the more common versions of the modern day versions are the platformed high heels that feature the same strap across the instep. These platformed heels may vary in height ranging from less than an inch to 5 inches in height as well as a large variety of decorative accessories such as grommets and buckles. This modern design of this classic footwear is extremely popular in certain several subcultures including those of music and fashion and is an extremely common choice of footwear at a Shoes by Christian Louboutin time by celebrities. One such subculture that features women who make this modern design choice footwear is the Goth, Punk subculture where these shoes are often worn with the typically dark and "morbid" attires of Goth, Punk culture along with dark colored knee high socks when wearing skirts.

Another such subculture would be the Japanese Lolita subculture which feature heavy Victorian and late-Baroque fashion influence as well as the ever prominent pair of Mary Janes. Although the Lolita subculture can be further discerned into subgroups such as Goth Lolita, Classic Lolita and Punk Lolita, one of the few constants of these groups is the appeal towards Mary Jane shoes. The more popular choices of modern day designed Mary Jane shoes include those of pumps and court shoes which vary depending on the location of the subculture in question. Always stylish, Mary Janes are a great choice especially if you want something a bit different for your daily footwear.

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