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Jungle Shoes

Guerrilla operations are carried out even in highly treacherous terrain including jungles. For survival, sturdy and strong footwear is a must. This was how jungle shoes came into being. Jungle boots are mainly developed and designed for combat troops in places such as forests and mountains. It is built to withstand the impact and stress caused by carrying out operations in the forest areas.

Features of Jungle Footwear

Jungle Christian Louboutin bianca back-zip pump black footwear is designed for stability and have soles made from Panama or Vibram. These materials offer the much required foot grip, which is crucial on slippery and inclined terrain. Jungle boots also contain drainage vents, which prevent the feet from getting sticky and soggy.

Some jungle footwear has inbuilt steel plates installed in soles. These help prevent injury from stake traps, commonly observed in jungle warfare. christian louboutin Rolando Jungle boot soles contain subtle marks, which leave less conspicuous foot prints.


Uppers and vent holes are the two major components of jungle shoes. Uppers are made of a combination of leather and canvas and drain excess moisture. On the other hand, vent holes, situated in the instep, provide ventilation in hot and humid conditions.

The upper portion of jungle boots are camouflaged with leather Christian Louboutin boot sale and canvas, which allow the wearer to blend with the environment. It also helps soldiers to hide amongst shady places and trees without getting spotted. Jungle boots can also be worn by travelers and tourists visiting tropical nations.

Evolution of Jungle Footwear

Improvements and variations to jungle boots began in the fifties. It started with the double buckle boot of Second World War, which got altered on inclusion of canvas sections.

Around 1962, a leather band was tacked to the top, which, in 1965 was changed to a nylon strap. It took two more years before the Panama sole was implemented.

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