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How to Layer Without Looking Frumpy

Winter brings many problems. From rain to the cost of indoor heating, dealing with winter weather creates the need for many changes of routine. One of these is so mild, it may not enter your mind, but it can either make life cosy and enjoyable or give a tiny discomfort the whole season. Dressing in winter time seems to give you the options of looking good or feeling good. However, you can still keep yourself warm without looking frumpy. Careful attention to your wardrobe and making full use of the trend of layering can bring you pleasure from the first swarovski frost to the last snow fall.

- Understand the hierarchy of layers. Think about the order that each garment should go on. Nearest the skin, tightly fitting layers cut down on bulk and keep body heat in. The next layer allows air to circulate, keeping you from sweating and providing warmth. Consider naturally warm fibres, like wool. Never wear two bulky layers at a time, and always have the bulky layer on top. The top layer depends on the conditions you will be in, from warm coats for outdoor activities to a lighter jacket for indoors.

- birthstone bracelet Depending on where you will be, you may wish to wear one or two more layers, such as button down shirts or jumpers or perhaps another shirt under a jacket or blazer. After the layer nearest the skin, the other layers should go together to create your look. The collar of your shirt will show above the jumpers or jackets you wear, so be sure to coordinate styles and colours.

- For the inner layer, the purpose is to retain body heat and keep moisture down. Close knit garments that have a snug fit are best. Think long or short sleeved t shirts, swarovski crystal flatbacks camisoles, or tank tops. The warmth from your body can't escape and cold air can't reach your skin. Your chances of looking great with layers depend on the close fit of the inner layers. Don't forget that if the under layers are loose they add bulk.

Remember to always plan ahead. If you are going to be changing from one environment to another, take this into consideration as you dress. The drive may be cold, the office may be too hot, the grocery store on the cool side, and your friend's home you visit just right. Consider what layers you can wear, take off, and add throughout the day. A t shirt, a buttoned shirt and a jumper can be put on or taken off as the situation demands. By matching the styles of each layer to coordinate, you have the ticket to staying warm while still looking put together the whole winter.

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