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How to Find The Right Metal Jewelry For Yourself

Selecting the right kind of metal jewelry can be a tricky decision. There are many variables involved and the more you take into account the more confusing it becomes. However here is a simplified format for you to follow when looking at any kind of metal online.

Gold: Available in white and yellow form. Gold is what most people hope to own because of its radiance and value. However most people do not realize that gold comes in many "karats" which primarily determine its value. The most common "karat" value for gold are 9 Karats, 12 Karats, 14 Karats, 18 Karats and finally 24 Karats (although no jewelry is made out of this). Usually the most expensive swarovski 2011 gold jewelry on the market is made out of 14 Karat - 18 Karat Gold. Although Yellow Gold is the traditionally popular choice, white gold is fast becoming more popular, and is now giving platinum a run for its money. Sterling Silver: This is again a very popular metal for jewelry on the market, primarily because of its luster and because it is more affordable that white gold and the more expensive platinum. The value of silver is measured in terms of how much real silver is there in a piece along with other metals which are added to give it strength such as copper. This in turn is measured by numbers ranging from "925" which means the silver has 92.5% Silver gold anchor necklace in it to "999" which means the silver has 99.9% pure Silver in it. The remaining usually being nickel or copper. Platinum: Platinum is one of the rarest and hence most expensive metals on the planet. In fact platinum costs almost 3 - 4 times as much as gold hence it is not really as popular. This has become more of a trend since Palladium made its inroads into the jewelry industry. However because it is a hard metal, it need not be mixed with other metals as is the case with silver and gold. This also makes it a popular choice for people who have allergies to certain metals. Most of the time the allergy is to the copper or nickel content in the metal. Palladium: bat brooch As said above, Palladium is fast becoming an alternative to both Platinum and White Gold because of its lustrous white shine and since it is both of the same family of metals as Platinum, however being more easily available it is more cost-effective and also tends to be more hypo-allergic than either metals. In fact Palladium is the metal of choice for people suffering from nickel or copper allergies as it is completely devoid of these impurities and is still virtually indistinguishable from Platinum in appearance.

So, these are the usual choices that people are confronted with when they go shopping for jewelry online. When it comes to metal jewelry, you need to first decide on your budget and then see what your options are. Typically you will want to go with Sterling Silver if you are looking for something affordable, however if price is no consideration for you or if you want to buy something for a special occasion then you should shop for gold, platinum or palladium.

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