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How Blue Topaz Rings Achieve Their Brilliant Blue Color

A blue topaz ring is an excellent choice in semi precious gemstone jewelry because of its stunning colors, its radiance, and its general elegance. These rings have become increasingly popular as the price has fallen considerably while the quality of the gems only increase. This may seem like an impossibility in jewelry, but it's actually true. One thing that many people do not know, however, is just how a blue topaz achieves its famous color. The answer, in short, is technology.

While many heart of the ocean real topaz gemstones are naturally blue, these tend to have a very shallow color to them, making them quite unattractive or at least unspectacular. It's only been in the past century that the blue topaz rings we know and love today have become available. This is because part of the process for deepening the natural colors requires radiating the gemstone.

There are a few different methods for doing this, but all of them essentially involve bombarding the topaz with high energy radiation. This activates swarovski breast cancer the color centers within the gemstone, providing the glorious blue color that's so appealing. After the color centers have been activated, the gems require a heat treatment to 'lock' the color in place. Scientists and gemologists can even control the different variables of this process to precisely control the saturation and color of each blue topaz.

One popular method is called the London process. If you've ever seen a London blue topaz ring, this is where their gemstones come from. This process silver necklace chain involves placing the topaz inside a nuclear reactor. Instead of light radiation, the topaz is hit by high energy neutrons instead. This provides an even deeper blue color which looks absolutely radiant. The downside to this process, though, is that the gems need to sit for about half a year before they're no longer radioactive. The nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) makes sure of that though, so they're definitely safe.

Because it's such a controlled process, blue topaz rings can be relied on to achieve amazing colors every time. As the price of such methods decreases over time, these rings have become increasingly affordable, meaning that you can get a resplendent blue topaz ring no matter what your budget may happen to be.

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