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Dresses male models burst in asking if they can eat the

The noise of several working hairdryers and calls for hair to be Prom Dresses makes for a chaotic scene. Twenty models with under an hour to get nails painted (fingers and toes), faces made up and hair dried and styled. Lip gloss is not to be applied until the last minute, stylists yell, or it will be smudged. This is the scene backstage, twice a night, before the main catwalk shows at the 2009 Melbourne Fashion Festival. The latest winter fashions are on display, with every runway show Prom Dresses on Sale out as fashionistas flock to Docklands to find out what is "in" this winter.

While all is calm and impeccably Long Prom Dresses (except for the model who lost a shoe as she entered the catwalk) on stage, behind the scenes it is a different story. In a tiny room upstairs at the Docklands venue, a line of hairstylists hold court on one side while make up artists dominate the other. In the middle, a table is covered with Discount Sexy Prom Dresses and magazines, with bored looking models reading the fashion pages, listening to their ipods or watching their purple-coloured nails dry.

Tired-looking filled wraps and baguettes perch at the end of the table, unattended, until two Discount Strapless Prom Dresses male models burst in asking if they can eat them. They scuttle away excitedly at being allowed to help themselves. Cries of "can someone put some hot rollers on this girl", "this girl's hair is still wet" and "can each girl head downstairs when they are ready, we are running behind schedule" are bellowed out. Although the voices sound panicked there's a Bridesmaid Dresses on Sale in the air of "here we go again" and no-one seems truly stressed.



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