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Dresses by the chaos unfolding around them

Each model gets rotated through the procession, Prom Dresses by the chaos unfolding around them. Their long hair gets blowdried, brushed within an inch of its life, pulled in all directions, tied up in a tight ponytail, then the ends curled. The final product provides a careless, long loose look. For some girls, their false eyelashes are glued on while their hair is being done. Photographers clutter the room, trying to capture an image of the beautiful girls and talented stylists at work. L'Oreal Prom Dresses on Sale Director Rae Morris told fashion crowds earlier in the week a different "look" was developed for each show.

Matte skin "is in" she said, as were smoky eyes and the "glam goth look". On Long Prom Dresses night it was smoky eyes, Wednesday night eyes were subtle but bright red lipstick was on show. It takes an average of seven minutes per model for a stylist to complete the night's look. With 350 models used during the entire week, and 20 models per Cocktail Dresses on Sale show, that is a lot of makeup. Believe it or not, there is order. A list on the wall has each model's name and columns titled "hair", "makeup" and "nails".

As each model is taken through the procession, they are ticked off. For Evening Dresses on Sale Stacey Grant, this is her second year at the festival and is one of the busiest weeks of her year. She will appear in five shows over the week and admits to being a "little tired" but is "managing". "It's absolutely fantastic being part of Melbourne's fashion festival and to be able to get Aussie designs out there and really support them," Ms Grant tells AAP. "It's pretty busy this week with all the Formal Dresses on Sale and all the shows and everything, running around, but it's totally worthwhile."


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