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Dress you doing for the rest of your

The media plays a powerful role in shaping and reflecting Long Prom Dresses perceptions of gender. Studies on images of women in the mainstream media in Hong Kong from the 1980s and 1990s strongly convey that a woman's place is in the home and stress the need to keep up one's physical appearance. Men are generally represented as authority Prom Dresses while women take on more subordinate roles. These representations of women have not changed much in the past 30 years.

Research conducted last year on advertising for luxury Blue Short Strapless Bubble Prom Dress in Hong Kong found that the adverts typically portrayed women as traditional objects of desire and/or wives and mothers. For example, in a TV commercial for Residence Bel-Air, images of a grand home are accompanied by a female vocalist singing: "What Blue Short Strapless Tulle Prom Dress you doing for the rest of your life?" The romantic ballad sets the tone for the main narrative showing a woman running through gardens to the home, to her waiting lover.

Her chief preoccupation, according to the song lyrics, is to ask her man to "spend [his life] with me". The advert focuses on the woman's attainment of love and devotion. It culminates in a kiss, suggesting Blue Strapless Chiffon Cocktail Dress the "successful" woman in this advertisement has achieved the perfect life - fulfilling her dream of perfect love in her ideal home. The news underscores how these images contribute to practices that fossilise outdated views of gender. After all, it was only a few years ago that a female teacher resigned over a dress code that forced female staff to wear dresses.



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