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Dress by ZHANG QIAN during the

Accompanied by the peaceful emergence of the Long Prom Dresses nation, we are now embracing with confidence a new era of renaissance and revitalization in Chinese luxury civilization: that is the revitalization of the ancient Chinese luxury civilization and the development of Chinese luxury brands. Since the birth of NE.TIGER, we have pursued a course of dedicated study and research into the history and the culture of the luxury goods both in the East and the West. During Prom Dresses process, we found it is evident that the history of luxury goods in China dates back a very long time, and we might even say that China once conquered the world with its luxury products.

I give you three examples: the first, in 139 B.C., the Silk Road Strapless Black Short Cocktail Prom Dress by ZHANG QIAN during the Han Dynasty extended into Persia, brought fine and exquisite Chinese silks as far as the Roman Empire, the center of Europe of the time, which was regarded as the lead of fashion. The second example is dated 1800 years ago. China in the TANG dynasty was not only the political, economic, and cultural center of the world, but also the Strapless Blue Short Prom Dress of fashion, as we can see today from how ladies were dressed in ancient frescoes and stone sculptures, indicating the splendid and open culture of fashion in the TANG Dynasty.

We can even find many of its reflections and influence in evening gowns nowadays. My last example: in the MING Dynasty, the years between 1405 to 1433, ZHENG HE, sent by the Chinese government, voyaged 7 times to the West with hundreds of boats full of Chinese silk, Yun brocade, jade, China, tea and other Strapless Bow White And Black Bridesmaid Dress Chinese luxury products given as gifts to the world where they went. It was the peak time of the 'Silk Road of the Sea'. That not only showed the grace of a Chinese nation of courtesy but also illustrated how China contributed to the culture and tradition of the appreciation and the consumption of luxury goods in the west



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