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Are They a 1 Season Wonder?

When they first came out I must admit I wasn't a fan but Gladiator High Heels have certainly grown on me and it seems they have grown on everyone else as well - they are here to stay!

Come on admit it, if you were one of those usual classic High Heel Sandal or Classic Pump type of girl then I bet when Gladiator Heels hit the fashion runways you thought they were a bit bold - a bit bold compared to the sleek feminine lines of Pumps Christian Louboutin metropolis boot or Sandals - a bit Rock Star-ish even! I bet it took you a while to add a pair of Gladiators to your shoe collection?

But as the idea has evolved and the designs have got much more feminine - I have grown to love them. I must admit I don't like the flat Gladiator Shoes but put a heel under them and WOW - Sexy.

The great thing about Gladiator High Heels is they go with everything. They are no longer considered Rock Star-ish, red sole shoes Christian Louboutin they go with shorts and jeans or you can even wear them to compliment a great dress.

Why are they soooo hot?

When they came to the scene they weren't considered to be very glamorous and definitely not to be worn with a dress. Fast forward to 2010 and the style has evolved. I think everyone has now realized what the Gladiator High Heel is all about - they are becoming more popular than ever. They are about becoming a Greek louboutin wholesale Goddess

Ok Greek women of the Gladiator era wore only flat sandals but now that a sexy heel has been added to the Gladiator Sandal it creates sexiness - Greek Goddess Sexiness!

They add a bit of edginess to a cute dress - creating a statement that yes I am good, I am feminine but I am also a bit bad and ready to partyJ

The style has also massively evolved over the few years - just take a look at this elegant "Marble" Sandal High Heel from Jimmy Choo - we wouldn't have a glamorous shoe like this if it wasn't for the Gladiator trend evolving in the designers imagination.

Thank the Greek Goddesses for Gladiator Heels.

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