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Antique Earrings - Jewels From the Past

Earrings as a form of adornment have a long history. The earliest discoveries of earrings come from Persepolis in ancient Persia (today known as Iran) where it is believed soldiers of the Persian Empire, who reigned during 550-330 BC, wore earrings. These truly antique earrings can be seen in some of the surviving wall arts in the area.

Since this time earrings have experienced many ebbs and flows in popularity amongst the varying cultures of the world's history. Many antique earrings define swarovski wholesale a bygone era and have significant relevance to times and places. For example, early 1800 sailors made up the small male following of the early earring trend and it is believed a pierced ear signified that a sailor had voyaged around the world or survived a sinking ship. Many sailors invested greatly in their earrings as they believed that if they perished in the sea then the earring would pay the person who found them for a proper burial.

Influenced strongly by the most current fashion trends swarovski crystal of the time earrings have managed to maintain their place in history. Their popularity has had many ups and downs, for example during the Renaissance era they weren't popular due to the trend of wigs, elaborate hairstyles and high collars that covered the ears. The 17th Century saw a resurgence in popularity as women were wearing their hair back, exposing the ears. The 18th Century fashion included bonnets with ribbons that covered the ears, leaving little room for earrings. Late 18th Century saw women swarovski dolphin wear their hair up again and the earrings were back. The greatest popularity of ear piercing came during the 70's and 80's, when ear piercing began to be performed with sterilized medical tools in doctor's offices, instead of in girl's bedrooms with a safety pin.

Today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to earrings. There are many outlets for new designs of earrings as well as many antique dealers who sell beautiful antique earrings from the past. When you purchase antique earrings you are buying a special piece of history, a piece of art that belongs to a fashion era and to a person of the past. It is always interesting to think about previous owners of antique earrings and imagine their lives, their era, and their fashion.

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