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nothing de jour Prom Dresses

In my salad days, when I was green of judgment and tossed in a light vinaigrette of Mother's nurture, I would gladly hold hands with my mater and wander around fabric shops in search for a nice mauve stripe, or perhaps a lemon gingham. Mum was a great seamstress and could whip Red Bridesmaid Dresses an outfit for her nocturnal dances at a moment's notice. A swish of chiffon and a swirl of velvet and her Singer would take flight.


Moments later would emerge the most glorious of outfits, which I would always know to be manufactured with the simple and powerful magic that all mothers have, especially in the eyes of their small children. Ah, but these were the days when life was all clean and Silver Bridesmaid Dresses and squeaky like an iceberg lettuce.

Now in my pudding days, starchier of judgment and steeped in a heavy syrup of fashion and design, I find myself wandering fabric stores again, to alight my soul and imbibe the new colors of this majestic season. Leave the gingham alone, girls, as today we will whip up our own collection of spring accouterments, with a nod towards the top designers here and far.

After watching countless parades over Homecoming Dresses last few months, with each designer offering their own interpretation of what we should be wearing, ranging from the sublime to the sparkling, I have been able to split them, en masse, into two main separates; Daywear and Evening.

Many designers, from international fashion legends like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, through to locals like Katti Zoób, can fit into this category. Zoób's latest range is really quite gorgeous, and I hadn't particularly warmed to her work until now. I have always found it like a flopped cake, all the right ingredients, all the right anticipation, but somehow you end up with a rock instead of a treasure.

However, I am overwhelmed, I am salubrious with glee in fact, to note that her spring range is really quite beautiful. Particularly in the Business Look collection, keep an eye out for great women's suits and the most spectacular full black skirt with claret details I have seen anywhere in the world in years. In fact the entirety of this season's Katti Zoób collection is one of the best - easily comparable to the finest French or Italian designers.

And here is the style de jour, yet there is nothing de jour Prom Dresses 2012 it. It's the 1980s all over again. Just when you thought you could throw out your slouch tops and ankle warmers, they are back and renewed in some bizarre be-haloed glory.

Tops this season are on spaghetti straps or rouched on the top of the shoulders. I have a retro queasiness at words like "spaghetti straps‚ and rouched" which I had hoped, for their sins to the world of fashion, would be banished like the goats of ancient Greece (Short Prom Dresses the word scapegoat, for all you trivia buffs), to lands unknown.


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