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Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet, Christian Dior and Chanel rank among Tiffany on Sale favorite historical designers,who ignited London's fashion scene in the late 1970s. "Vivienne was like a revolution. Suddenly fashion didn't have to be bourgeois or grown up," he enthused, dressed in an Yves Klein blue polo shirt, cutoff safari shorts and brown boots. Eventually, Gaytten was hired cheap prom dresses as a machinist by British designer Sheridan Barnett, and when that business went bust, Barnett, who also taught at Saint Martins, suggested Gaytten contact one of his most promising students: John Galliano. Galliano's first business, based in the East End of London, was short-lived, so Gaytten went on to do a three-year Prom Dresses 2012 as assistant pattern cutter for British couturier Victor Edelstein, where he met such high-profile clients as Princess Diana. While en route to the West Indies with his parents, "my father said, 'Oh my gosh! Look at that guy over there'," Gaytten related, seeing his dad pointing to an eccentrically dressed young man in the airport whom Tiffany Earrings on Sale recognized instantly as Galliano. The designer invited him to join his revived business, and by 1994, Gaytten had followed him to Paris and remained at his side through an extraordinary career that saw Galliano become the couturier at Givenchy in 1995 and, one year later, at Dior. Initially, Gaytten was a cutter in the "flou" department at Galliano, Tiffany Notes Dangle Key ring making garments of soft fabrics, mainly dresses and blouses. When Galliano was appointed at Givenchy, Gaytten moved from the atelier to the design studio, where he was involved in almost everything the madcap couturier touched save for advertising. While Galliano soaked up the acclaim, Gaytten says he was content with "the doing of" fashion, Tiffany Notes Earrings Tiffany & Co. especially fittings. "I like the process. I like working with teams. It's always been very varied," he said. "My work has always taken place during fittings. It's when it's on the body. Fitting is very creative: It's not just adjusting things here and there.

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