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Red Prom Dresses into a tourism

The rebuilding of the Baihua Bridge, Yingxiu's only overland Cheap Prom Dresses to the outside world, which was destroyed in the quake, means the provincial capital Chengdu is just 90 minutes drive away. There are some reputed shops which can track market trends better than others and they often come with the right offers at the right time. Chilangcuo, a Tibetan woman who used to Short Prom Dresses as a tour guide on nearby Mount Qingcheng, returned to Yingxiu and opened a souvenir shop on the ground floor of her 100 square metre house. She paid 16,000 yuan of her own money for the 300,000 yuan house and borrowed another 20,000 yuan from a bank, with the rest coming from various levels of government and donations. She said she Prom Dresses 2012 used to pick caterpillar fungus, a valuable traditional medicine, on the mountain but sometimes she would return empty handed. "Now we don't need to pay rent and we have 40 to 50 customers a day," she said. "I live in the house with my husband and my 11-year-old daughter. Life is good and stable now. "But those who lost their families Purple Prom Dresses feel bitterness in their hearts, even though life has improved." In the small town of Shuimo, 10 kilometres from Yingxiu, visitors are met with wooden Qiang-style buildings with exquisitely tiled roofs and stores selling various Qiang handicrafts along its winding stone alleys. An investment of 130 million yuan saw 170 homes erected for more than 300 families, and Shuimo Red Prom Dresses into a tourism town. She dresses in traditional Qiang costume and high heels, answering tourist's questions and offering her services for guided tours. Dong spends her evenings enjoying traditional Qiang music and dancing with friends. "Whenever I see pictures of the earthquake I Silver Prom Dress feel sadness and sorrow in my heart," she said. "More than 300 people died in this small town. But we also need to move on. "The town has never been so beautiful. It used to be full of shabby, small buildings. It's a good start."

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