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As pet owners, we know how difficult it can be to find quality spa products made with natural ingredients. Deluxe Pet Supplies was founded with the simple goal of filling this need and providing our community with natural spa products enriched with Dead Sea minerals. At Deluxe Pet Supplies, we truly believe in natural based alternatives as a means to ensure the health and comfort of our furry family members.
After months of research and evaluating countless products available internationally, Deluxe Pet Supplies has sourced what we believe to be the best products available in the market. The result is a carefully curated stock of brands and products that boast simple, natural ingredients that are engineered to address and treat the individual, complex needs of every pet. We aim to offer a variety of products that do just that –treat your pets’ individual needs. Besides our basic line of shampoos...  Read More
Name:Deluxe Pet Supplies
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Category:Pet Supplies