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Orange and Green Stilettos- Orange You Glad It's Spring

Ok…I confess….I love shoes. I have more shoes than I care to admit at this time. My closet is overflowing. My office is decorated in varying heel heights so that I am always prepared whatever the occasion. I am the CEO of a woman’s shoe company. Ok…I’ll admit it! I am a shoe addict.

Some might take that as a negative but I relish in it. I’m know as the “Queen of Heels” and what a great empire to rule…platforms, stilettos, flats, mules, sandals, high heels, kitten heels, boots, Mary Janes…you can call them what you wish. They are all part of what I call “heaven on earth.”

The true addict has more shoes than what some would deem necessary which is a shock to her. Someone once asked me if I thought I was excessive and I found myself perplexed as I thought everyone felt the need to have every color foot ornament in varying sizes and shapes. Making decisions on sizes, colors, shapes, comfort levels, and fabrics is something I do everyday and I can’t say I ever get tired of it but just because of sheer exposure a shoe that makes me go wow has to stand out. In fact, I pride my company in only selecting these styles. We are anything but ordinary…because shoe addicts need to be wowed!!

Number One Seller

This shoe arrived at our store a few weeks ago and has caused quite a stir. I never buy a shoe twice but I had such a demand that I bought every shoe I could get my hands on. Why so popular? I think the color has a lot to do with it. Nude is hot right now!! It’s an easy kitten heel so the amount of people who can wear them is huge. The bow is dramatic and has a definite european flair which is not found in today’s styles. This is a winner with an affordable price….afforable luxury fashion…I told you this was heaven on earth!  It is currently available in nude, red and black. Stunning and one you will not want to pass up.

For those who are looking for a little bit of a wilder look, go no further. When I spotted these lovelies at the Las Vegas Shoe Show, I knew my shoe addict sisters would melt and they have over and over again when seeing them. The attraction? Different, animal print, rhinestones…three strikes only this one gets a home run.

If you aren’t getting your man to whistle a love song when you wear these, you better check his pulse. A true winner! I would even call this “zexy”…ok I made it up but isn’t it a good word to describe it?

Ok…now for my high heels sisters who graduated with a PhD in heels. There are not enough words to describe them so lets just say sexy…crazy…heels and leave it at that.

This is available on our other shopping site.

Don’t worry if these are not your personality…we have over 180 styles to choose from so go ahead…take the plunge…your closet has room.


Kisses Bellas and Always remembers…”the right shoe can change your life”,


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