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Use for Baseballs, Softballs,
Practice Hardball in Yard, Park, Field, Anywhere
Improve Slugging Batting Skills
The Hurricane Category 4 maintains the snap-back action of the original Hurricane with a sleeker design, additional power band (4 total) for fast-back action, and a high visibility impact head. Designed for baseball or fastpitch swing training, the Hurricane Category 4 allows batters to develop swing power, technique and speed with a stationary or moving target.Rugged, non-slip base for indoor/outdoor solo practice47-inch target training stick with integrated ball provides ideal placementHeight extends from 29" to 43" for virtually any size and aged player, or ball positionHeavy-duty but lightweight - moves easily almost anywhereContents include: Hurricane Category 4 Unit, home plate, carry bag, 4 ground pins, 4 power bands
  • Improve your average and slugging percentage with solo swing training machine--simulates pitch motion or hitting off a tee
  • Improved with fourth power band for more resistance and quicker return and higher visibility impact head
  • Height extends from 29 to 43 inches for any ball position and any level baseball player
  • Multi-Twist design provides immediate feedback on your swing
  • Suitable for ages 5 and older
Designed for baseball or softball swing training, the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 allows batters to improve power while focusing on consistent contact and generating bat speed. Featuring 4 Power bands for resistance and a high visibility impact head to improve eye contact, the Hurricane can help any baseball or softball player become a better hitter.

Learn to Drive the Ball

With 4 elastic resistance bands, the Hurricane allows you to increase and decrease tension. This teaches the player to drive through the pitch instead of pulling off with an incomplete swing.

See the Ball, Hit the Ball

The high visibility target gives the athlete a prominent target to focus on and react to. Use it as a static target or a dynamic, moving target.

Get Better Anywhere

The Hurricane can be used at home or in the training environment, allowing for continuous improvement at any time.

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