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I am an avid Cherished Teddies collector. I have been collecting these little guys since 1996 and have almost all of them. I've been selling on the Secondary Market since 1998. To make it much easier and streamlined for you to shop, I have listed only one of each of the Cherished Teddies I have for sale. I clearly state the condition of each piece in the description. If I state the piece is signed I state which artist signed it. Questions?, please inquire. If you need more pictures please contact me. If you are looking for more than one of the same piece, please contact me before purchasing to inquiry if I have extras. I will be more than happy to increase the quantity if I have extras. If at any time you are looking for something you don't see in my store please feel free to email me and I'll let you know if I have it. I am still going through storage totes looking for items I haven't listed yet. I will load them into my store as I find them. Have a great week.
Name:Beary Something Special
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