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Knife: Rockwell - Really cut deeper


You touched my life
With a softness in the night
My wish was your command
Until you ran
Out of love
I tell my self I'm free
Got the change of living just for me
No need to carry on
Now that you're gone
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Cuts like a knife
How will I ever heal
I'm so deeply wounded
Cuts like a knife
You cut away the heart of my life

When I pretend when I smile
To fool my dearest friends
I wonder if they know
It's just a show
I'm on a stage day or night
Through my charades
But how can I disguise
What's in my eyes
Oh oh oh oh oh ...

I try and try locking up
The pain I feel inside
The pain of wanting you
Wanting you

p/s:  Never fall in love with a wrong person.

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