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Member Since:  Jun 2016 is an approved and authorized insurance web aggregator by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The online portal is a one stop shop space for insurance buying from the leading Insurance Companies in India. The customer on a single website can gain the knowledge about the multiple insurance products available in the market and can initiate a hassle free purchase for the insurance plan best suited to him. The user can view the plan details, study brochure, request quotes and analyze benefits of a diverse range of insurance products available on the portal.
The main aim of is to allow the user to make a thought through buying decision in a well informed way. In case of any hiccups or issues the user face, our team of experts will guide them and suggest the best customized insurance solutions which are free from prejudice. It offer...  Read More
"Make Your Own Decisions"
Name:Compare Policy Insurance Web Aggregators Pvt. Ltd.
Location:Sec-18 Noida UP 201301, Utter Pradesh
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Since:Jan 2016

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