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CZ rings or rings made of Cubic Zirconium are highly fashionable today. These stones emerged way back in the 1930s and have today evolved to become the best available diamonds. These stones are flawlessly beautiful and are manmade to perfection. A wide range of such rings are available in the market to suit different occasions and different people. If you already have your collection of beautiful CZ rings, take the proper care to ensure that they stay brighter and nicer for longer. Here are a few tips on how one must care for their CZ rings.


CZ rings need to be cleaned carefully at regular intervals. The best time to clean them would be when you are planning to put them back in their case for storing after you have worn them. To clean them, use liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with a little warm water for best results. You may also clean your rings with steam. However avoid ammonia at any point of time as it may dull the luster. If your jewelry also has a rhodium finish, do not use silver polish to clean your jewelry. Use a soft cloth like flannel or a cotton cloth that is nub free for cleaning your rings.

Because cubic zirconia jewelry is designed to imitate the perfect diamond, its most important characteristic is the sparkle. If you want to keep your cubic zirconia rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry flawless, learning how to properly care for them will go a long way in helping your jewelry to shine as brightly as the smile of those who see it.

In order to protect the brilliance of your cubic zirconia rings, remove them prior to washing your hands, applying makeup or hand lotion, washing dishes or other similar activities that may result in a cloudy film coming into contact with the cubic zirconia. In fact, jewelry should be the last accessory that you put on before walking out the door.

If you own sterling silver cubic zirconia wedding rings, perhaps you never take them off except for regular cleaning. If that’s the case, a polishing cloth or mild jewelry cleaner should be used to maintain both the silver’s brightness and that of the cubic zirconia. If you need a homemade solution, try warm water and dishwashing liquid in a cup. You can dip your cubic zirconia jewelry into the water and gently polish it using a towel or other soft material.

When cleaning your jewelry, especially cubic zirconia rings, take extra care to use a soft object for polishing to prevent scratching. If you are a wearer of cubic zirconia wedding rings, it’s especially important to remove your rings for frequent cleaning as constant wear can result in everyday particles and grime finding their way into every crevice of the ring’s design and will create a buildup that’s difficult to remove.

If you feel that your cubic zirconia jewelry, including cubic zirconia wedding rings and other designs, is in need of a professional cleaning, consult with a local jeweler.


Always store your CZ rings carefully when not in use. Keep them in a box specifically meant for the purpose. Avoid boxes with sharp edges or rough surfaces as it may scratch the stone. Instead keep jewelry in a box with a soft cotton lining. You can also use soft flannel bags for the purpose. Never keep your stones along with other jewelry items or things that may rub off against them to cause scratches. Never leave them loose in a drawer where they may damage easily. Keep individual pieces separately as far as possible.


Finally these rings are for wearing, and do not let the business of caring keep you from wearing them. Remember that CZ rings would keep their luster and stay clean longer when they are worn regularly. This is because the body oils keep the stones clean, if you wear them frequently. However remember to apply hair spray, fragrance, and other spray cosmetics before putting on CZ jewelry. This is because sprays usually have chemicals that may damage and dull the luster of the stones.

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