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Retirement and then what?

I am retired from education with 30 years of service.  I honestly wondered what I would do after retirement. After much thought I decided I would follow my passion of shopping. People get a high when they run, well I get a high when I shop...:) The only problem was I wouldn't have that extra full salary to really be able to shop anymore. At least not on an educator's pension.
That's when it struck me, why not figure out a way to satisfy my urge to buy, (being the shopaholic that I am) and buy for future customers. It would almost be like shopping for myself. If you only knew how many times I bought things and they just hung in the closet with tags or stayed in the boxes on a shelf or something. I know, I know, it sounds horrid, but now I am on a mission to make other's happy with my shopping  and satisfying my need to shop.  It is late now and I would like to share more with you but my eyes are getting tired. I promise I'll continue tomorrow.  Thank you for passing through. Talk to you soon. :) Good night . CJ

I didn't make it the next day as I thought I would. I had my little pet chihuahua get sick.  She is now 10 years old and has a thyroid problem.  She is supposed to weigh 2 pounds and not more then 3 for her size.  She is very tiny. Well , she is supposed to be very tiny , but her thyroid has caused alot of weight gain.
Anyways, I am still building my store. This is a complete new endeavor for me.  I began to look at other things I could do to supplement my retirement income from teaching.  With health insurance cost the way that it is, it's almost impossible to pay the premiums on a small pension alone. I'm not old enough for medicaid assisted insurance so I have to pay full price.
I am really excited about my new store.  It has had me so pumped up and I have been working hard in trying to take good pictures for my audience.  I'm anticipating my first sale. I decided I would frame my first dollar from Addoway. :) 
I should have more items posted by this weekend.  My doggie has stabilized and I am able to spend more time uploading pictures.
I will continue keeping you posted as the days progress.  I will be bidding you a good night for now. May you have sweet dreams and wake up to many blessings in the morning. Talk to you all very soon. :) Good night! CJ

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cjtrinkets | January 13th 2013 at 1358098158

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year to all. I've made 5 sales ....since March. I'm trying to figure out how to get more exposure. I do Ebay as well but I am horrified at the amount of charges they have. I have sold alot more on Ebay but I am at their mercy. I use their free listing promotions and I feel as if they have decided not to offer those freebies since now I am considered a power seller! I called them and they said you have to be invited by email. So now I am stuck. It's been since December I was offered any promotion for free listing. I do not mind paying the final fees but the insertion fees kill me with almost each listing costing me 50 cents to list. That is a minimum. Ugghhhh. Oh well. How can you possibly really make money with all the fees minus what you actually pay for the item? For example, my total for one month looks like alot but when I deduct the cost of the product, the insertion fee, the seller fee/final fees, paypal fee, shipping fee.....There is not really much left for all that work you put in. I wonder if there is some better way to this online selling. If I'm missing something, please let me know. :)
Until a later time, Be safe and talk to you all soon. :) CJ

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