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Cisco 1941 Series Integrated Services Routers Architecture and Modularity

Product Overview
Cisco 1941 builds on the best-in-class offering of the existing Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Routers by offering 2 models – Cisco 1941 and Cisco 1941W. In addition to the support of a wide range of wireless and wired connectivity options supported on Cisco 1941 Series, Cisco 1941W offers integration of IEEE 802.11n access point which is backwards compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g access points.
All Cisco 1900 Series Routers offer embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, and application services. In addition, the platforms support the industries widest range of wired and wireless connectivity options such as T1/E1, xDSL, 3G, 4G LTE, and GE.

Architectural Features and Benefits
Modular Platform
·                                  The Cisco 1941 Series ISR are highly modular platforms with multiple module slots to provide connectivity and services for varied branch network requirements.
·                                 The ISRs offer an industry-leading breadth of LAN and WAN connectivity options through modules to accommodate field upgrades to future technologies without requiring replacement of the platform.
·                                 The Cisco 1941 Series is powered by high-performance multi-core processors that support growing demands of branch office networks by supporting high throughput WAN requirements.
MultiGigabit Fabric
·                                 The Cisco 1941 introduces an innovative MultiGigabit Fabric (MGF) which allows for efficient module to module communication, enabling direct services interactions across modules while reducing the overhead on the router processor.
Embedded IPSec VPN Hardware Acceleration
·                                 Embedded hardware encryption acceleration is enhanced to provide higher scalability, which, combined with an optional Cisco IOS Security license, enables WAN link security and VPN services (IPSec acceleration).
·                                 The onboard encryption hardware out-performs the Advanced Integration Modules of previous generations.
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Ports
·                                 All onboard WAN ports are 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN routed ports .
Innovative universal-serial-bus (USB)-based console access
·                                 A new, innovative, mini-B USB console port supports management connectivity when traditional serial ports are not available.
·                                 The traditional console and auxiliary ports are also available. Either the USB-based console or the RJ-45-based console port can be used to configure the router.
Optional Integrated Power Supply for Distribution of Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
·                                 An optional upgrade to the internal power supply provides in-line power (802.3af-compliant Power-over-Ethernet [PoE] and Cisco standard inline power) to optional integrated switch modules.
Integrated Wireless LAN
·                                 The Cisco 1941 offers a secure integrated access point in a single device.
·                                 Integrated access point is based on the IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 standard that uses MIMO (Multi-Input, Multiple-output) to improve coverage for existing 802.11a/b/g clients and new 802.11n clients.
·                                 The Cisco 1941 supports dual radios – 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11a/n and is capable of operating in both autonomous and unified modes.
Modularity Features and Benefits
The Cisco 1941 provides significantly enhanced modular capabilities offering investment protection for customers. Most of the modules available on previous generations of Cisco routers, such as the Cisco 1841 ISR, are supported on the Cisco 1941. Additionally, modules used on the Cisco 1941 can easily be interchanged with other Cisco routers to provide maximum investment protection. Taking advantage of common interface cards across a network greatly reduces the complexity of managing inventory requirements, implementing large network rollouts, and maintaining configurations across a variety of branch-office sizes.
Cisco Enhanced High Speed WAN Interface Card (EHWIC)
·                                 The EHWIC slot replaces the high-speed WAN interface card (HWIC) slot and can natively support HWICs, WAN interface cards (WICs), wireless WAN 3G/4G LTE, voice interface cards (VICs), and voice/WAN interface cards (VWICs).
·                                 Two integrated EHWIC slots are available on the Cisco 1941 for flexible configurations for support of two modules: One double wide HWIC-D or single wide EHWIC/HWIC module and a second single wide E-HIC/HWIC module are supported.
·                                  Each HWIC Slot offers high data throughput capability.
Up to 1.6 Gbps aggregate towards the router processor.
Up to 2 Gbps aggregate to other module slots over MultiGigabit Fabric (MGF).
Cisco Internal Services Module (ISM)
·                                 A single ISM Slot provides flexibility to integrate intelligent services modules that do not require interface ports.
·                                 ISM replaces the Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slot; existing AIM modules are not supported in the ISM slot.
·                                 Each ISM Slot offers high data throughput capability.
Up to 4 Gbps aggregate towards the router processor.
Up to 2 Gbps aggregate to other module slots over MultiGigabit Fabric (MGF).
·                                 Power to ISM slots can be managed by extensions similar to the Cisco EnergyWise framework, allowing organizations to reduce energy consumption in their network infrastructure. Full EnergyWise support will be available in future software releases.
Note: The Cisco 1941 cannot have ISM and WLAN on the same chassis. Please refer to ordering information for WLAN SKUs.
Compact Flash Slots
·                                  Two external Compact Flash slots are available on the Cisco 1941. Each slot can support high-speed storage densities upgradeable to 4GB in density.
USB 2.0 Ports
·                                 Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports are supported. The USB ports enable another mechanism secure token capabilities and storage.
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