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How do I set a default route on the Cisco switch?

How do I set a default route on the Cisco switch? Especialy for Cisco 2960, Cisco 3750

Issue the set ip route default [gateway] [metric] command.
!--- Make sure the default gateway is available.
cat5k> (enable) ping is alive
!--- Add the default route for sc0.
cat5k> (enable) set ip route default
Route added.
!--- Verify that the route is added.
cat5k> (enable) show ip route
Fragmentation   Redirect   Unreachable
-------------   --------   -----------
enabled         enabled    enabled
Destination             Gateway                 Flags   Use         Interface
----------------------- ----------------------- ------  ----------  ---------
default                    UG               0  sc0               U              868  sc0
default                 default                 UH               0  sl0
cat5k_84.20 (enable)
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