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Interest in Pinterest Causing Trouble?

I like Pinterest. Being a person that has an interest in jewelry, I find looking at the pictures - particularly those of chokers and cuffs - is really cool.  

As someone just starting out, I thought it would be great to add Pinterest to my 'social networking' efforts. Then I saw this article from Social Media Today: Pinning Copyright Complaints on Pinterest

 It appears that copyright complaints are surfacing. I haven't looked at the terms and conditions of Pinterest yet, but the article says that Pinterest states people are only supposed to be pinning pictures of images that they have rights to. Hmmm, how many people are following that rule I wonder?

But doesn't that in a way defeat the purpose of the whole site? I mean, why would I just pin up photos of items that just "I" have rights to? I thought the point was to find photos of interest from around the web?

What do you all think? Am I missing something?

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Reader Comments  (5) | March 8th 2012 at 1331215407

Well that's a kick in the teeth. Why start a site for sharing if you can only post your own photos to it? Why have a choice to "repin" something if it's against the rules? I'm like you, I thought it was a space for me to post pictures of things that fascinate ME. And if you like something I'm excited about, why then you "repin" it. I suppose if you're a seller, then your photos are really in the public domain as you've put them out there for everyone to see. I don't know . . . just confusing.
Ruby's Beauty
Ruby's Beauty | March 8th 2012 at 1331216627

Yeah it's a confusing new website if you read the "rules." I am sure I'm guilty of pinning plenty of things I don't have the right to. I thought the links to the image sources were automatically posted though so I'm not 100% sure where they are seeing the problem, unless you are stealing images and claiming they are yours.
ChakraCord | March 8th 2012 at 1331220617

I thought Pinterest would be a great way to promote items for sale. I had to open a Facebook account just to do this. Afterwards, it was brought to our attentions that anything posted their would become Pinterest and they could do what ever they wanted to, even selling the photos. I believe they figure that Us, the Pinners, would get the permission to pin that they can in turn use the photos too. So many of us don't read all the details or understand them including me. I cancelled my account, both Pinterest and Facebook.

I am also an artist and don't want things posted and then others make money from my work. It's one thing to love a picture to share with others, but when the "Websites" have hidden agendas. I notice Pinterest change some stuff on their website and I couldn't find what I had found or you have to have an account to see the "terms"

The other thing I don't like is that people with websites need to know all the going ons with the web. With Pinterest, someone can place a pin on your website and link it. There is a way to disable pinning, but you need to know all the New Tech Websites and what they are doing so that you can counter it.

Now I will need to watermark my artwork on my website to protect myself some.

I was guilty of pinning items I had for sale and some fellow sellers what they had for sale. I did use it as a bulletin board to help others in selling and so sorry if I over stepped the boundaries. That is why I choose to close my account within 2 weeks of having it.
Chococu | March 8th 2012 at 1331249906

Wow, ChakraCord, I didn't know that they could do whatever they wanted to do with the pictures - even selling them! No wonder there's starting to be a stink about 'copyright' infringement. You're right, no artist wants their stuff floating around the web if people aren't going to respect the copyright.

Lisa, I'm not really sure WHAT they are thinking, lol! I thought it was a cute idea but I guess we do have to be realistic - businesses, artists, designers, etc. get worried when they start seeing their creations being used by others without their express consent, even with a link back to the original site.

Yep, Catsmom, it IS very confusing. Have any of you guys seen very much traffic to your boards or is there not a way to tell who is looking at your photos unless they actually pin them somewhere?
no photo
jewelrywiz | July 28th 2012 at 1343473634

sadly, not a whole lot you can do about that stuff.....unless you want to hire a lawyer and try to track down the "cyber-person" who stole your picture - its a useless fight. once a picture is posted on the World Wide Web - ANYBODY has access to it! just the facts of life in the 21st century! having a working knowledge of right and wrong is whats missing - there will ALWAYS be somebody to steal a picture if they can get away with it.....and really, there are no "cyber-cops" siting around to police this..... I am of the opinion that once you post it - it becomes public domain - whether you agree to it or not!

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