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I remember as a kid, wrapping yarn around my wrists to make 'bracelets' and taping colorful pieces of cloth around my neck for a 'necklace', lol.
As I got older, I was always drawn to the jewelry that 'hugged' my neck and my wrists. Then I learned what these type of jewelry pieces were called: chokers and cuffs! Oh, I like other types of jewelry as well, but there is a definite 'something' about those chokers and cuffs.
I've loved the look of chokers, collars and cuffs for as long as I can remember and I'm excited to be able to offer these type of jewelry pieces to others who feel the same.
The styles are as varied as our personalities on any given day: frivolous and fun; glamorous and glitzy; elegant and exquisite; polished and prim.
Enjoy shopping through my collection. I know you'll see something that catches your eye! If you have any suggestions or comments about these pieces, please email me at

Choker or Collar?

You may be wondering how you can distinguish a choker from a collar. Well, in reality, there is a lot of overlapping in style. You may look on one department store's site and find what they are calling a collar, being described as a choker on another site.

Simply, a choker is a short necklace, worn close at the neck.Queen Alexandra wearing a pearl dog collar choker This style, which was also known as a 'dog collar',  was typically constructed of pearls and fine gemstones and became the look of the day during the early 1900 Edwardian period. 

Previously, these snug fitting neck adornments were made of a band of velvet or lace cloth often embellished with jewels, but due to King Edward's wife, Queen Alexandra, attempting to hide a scar on her neck, her use of choker style necklaces brought the dog collar into the height of fashion. 

In modern days, styles that are considered to be chokers can range anywhere from 14 inches up to...  Read More

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Interest in Pinterest Causing Trouble?

I like Pinterest. Being a person that has an interest in jewelry, I find looking at the pictures - particularly those of chokers and cuffs - is really cool.  

As someone just starting out, I thought it would be great to add Pinterest to my 'social networking' efforts. Then I saw this article from Social Media Today: Pinning Copyright Complaints on Pinterest

 It appears that copyright complaints are surfacing. I haven't looked at the terms and conditions of Pinterest yet, but the article says that Pinterest states people are only supposed to be pinning pictures of images that they have rights to. Hmmm, how many people are following that rule I wonder?

But doesn't that in a way defeat the purpose of the whole site? I mean, why would I just pin up photos of items that just "I" have rights to? I thought the point was to find photos of interest from around the web?

What do you all think? Am I missing something?

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First day jitters...

Well I finally listed my first item...and promptly placed my store on vacation, lol! Actually, I still have some fine tuning to do with tweaking my shipping policy, rewording the description, figuring out what else I should have on my listing to make it as understandable and as user friendly as possible and on, and on.

I'm trying not to contract the 'paralysis of analysis' disease but it's hard to know if I've done enough (or too much!) in making my webstore what I envision it to be. Sigh. 

I know, I know. I tell myself I just need to go with what I have and make adjustments as situations arise. 

Then I leave everything alone. For 20 minutes. Then I'm back at it; changing, deleting, thinking about what I should do next...

Oh well, I suppose everyone experiences this sort of anxiety in the beginning. I'm hoping to have everything up and running by the end of this month. But maybe I should take some more pictures of  my item first....  



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