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Benefits of using black oxidized bearings in wind applications

Black oxide process
Black oxide is formed on the surface layer of the bearing steel by chemical reaction, and when the surface treated member is immersed in an alkaline aqueous solution and a temperature of about 130 operating between 150 ℃ salts generated. The reaction ferrous alloy of iron and reagents between oxide layer on the outer bearing assembly produced, including well-defined FeO, Fe2O3 blends and the resulting iron oxide. The result is a thickness of about 1-2 microns dark black surface layer.bearing housing The total process includes about 15 different dipping steps, many of which are likely to tank [3] chemical content, concentration, temperature, immersion time and fluid behavior within change.
Advantages black oxidized ball bearing
Only black oxide wind power industry's most relevant beneficial effects are summarized below. They briefly described and shown in three categories  rod end bearingaccording to the risk reduction for each failure mechanism of oxidation of how black can help.

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