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Celoxis provides rich collaboration tools like web folders forums, shared calendar and email facilitates effective communication between the team. Celoxis Technologies provides a feature-rich web-based project management software for all team size.

Company Overview:
Celoxis is a comprehensive web based project management tool to improve collaboration and streamline management of projects, timesheets, expenses and even business processes specific to your organization. Whether you are a novice or experienced project manager, you will find Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd project management software quick and easy to use. It is feature rich and includes all the necessary tools needed to manage real-world projects like Gantt charts, sub tasks, dependencies (predecessor/successor) and task constraints (with lead/lag time). You can also import Microsoft Project plans. You can create projects and tasks,...  Read More

Name:Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Location:Pune,411021, Maharashtra
Category:Web & Computer Services
Since:Jan 2001

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