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Chandelier Creations

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Member Since:  Dec 2014
Hi, and thank you for checking us out. We are Chandelier Creations L.L.C. a new store that is just starting out. We heard about addoway through and thought this looks like a friendliest site out there so we decided to stick around. We started out selling on ebay so we no a little about selling. We also got a website store call that sell cosmetics. Anyway thanks for having us in your community and we will try to do it proud haha. ^_~
Lewisa&Shane (owners)
"Chandelier- center of the room (attention), always shines and sparkles, brightens up your room (day), doesn't move at all and still is the center of attention that's a chandelier"
Name:Chandelier Creations
Location:27101, North Carolina
United States
Category:Health & Beauty
Since:Nov 2014