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Hello and Welcome to Cat's Haven.
Here you will find a fine selection of merchandise including new and vintage jewelry, men's and women's clothing, CDs and old vinyl records, name brand used purses, handbags and totes, womem's shoes, home decorations, kitchen and dining. I am constantly adding new merchandise, so you really never know what you will find.
Please sit back and browse. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask. I ship throughout the United States, Canada and throughout the world. I accept PayPal, money order or personal check. Your check must clear your bank before your purchase will be shipped.
Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.
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Clarks Artisan Collection Summer Sandals Women's SZ 10M
Memories Sing Along With Mitch By Mitch Miller and the Gang
Belt Buckle Womens NAP 1984 Horse Head Solid Brass
Kitchen Scale by Mainstays Weighs up to 7 Pounds Model 33652
Custom Made Necklace and Earrings Set Blue and Brown Artistic Glass Beads New
Earrings Dangle Twisted Gold Tone Chain Pierced Vintage 1-In
Bowl Anchor Hocking Fire King Milk White Vintage Serving Bowl Gold Rimmed
Jeannette Depression Glass Floragold Ruffled Center Bowl Iridescent 9 1/2-in

Windfall or Something

There's always something you, as a home owner, need.  A stove, garbage disposal, toilet leak fixed, air conditioner fixed or serviced before the temp hits that 100-degree mark.  Always something!!!

Back in March, I had a week's stay at a local resort named The Baptist Hospital.  As it happens when you get out of the hospital, you're weak and still feel like crap.  So, I wasn't happy at all when my refrigerator quit.  Only noticed it when water started collecting on my floor.  

Off to Sears.  I love the satellite Sears storefronts, don't you.  Bought my refrigerator, paid cash, delivered, works fine and I love it.  Last Saturday, I received a check from Sears Management Co for $982.24.  Nothing with it.   No name, no invoice, no phone number, nothing!  

Last Monday I went to the bank.  Before cashing or depositing the check, I had the bank check to make sure the...  Read More

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Spellings, Misspellings and Correct Usage of Words

Earlier this morning I was reading an article on a major news site.  What caught my eye and boggles my mind is that, in this relatively short article, there were 3 misspelled words and one word totally left out!  I got the gist of the asrticle, but these are professional people.  Don't they read what they've written before the hit that send button???????

I do not pretend to have a degree in the English language.  Truth to tell, I'm as guilty as the next person.  I write my little descriptions and months later, go back and there's a misspelled word glaring at me.  

Lately I've seen a rash of incorrect usage, misspelled words and other examples that would have gotten me an F in my English class in school.  I know you've seen the same things.  Sets my teeth on edge.  A few examples:

  • "There" in place of "their" or "they're"
  • ...  Read More

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Standing in Line and Waiting Your Turn

Today there is a blog featured entitled "Trouble in Make Believe Land!" by NeillsDeals.  It's a very good blog.  But there is a comment that troubles me, makes me angry and is insulting to every person to attempts to live by the rules.  

This commenter (Anna) apparently considers it is her privilige to be served first regardless as to how long another person has been waiting for that same service.  I am here to say that is NOT the case.  Exactly how far do you think you'll get breaking a line that formed Thursday night and you try going to the head of the line on Saturday morning?  You will be HURT and you will deserve it.  Try it and I will make a scene; I will embarrass you!  Same goes for 4 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic being forced into one lane because of contruction.  I will...  Read More

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