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Let's Talk Soap!!

Let's Talk Soap 
 All soaps are not created equal. Many people do not understand the difference between handmade soap and commercial soap. I will say this I used liquid soap for many years until I received a handmade soap as a gift. It took me a long time to break down and open and use this soap. Within 3 days of using it I felt a tremendous difference in the softness of my skin. That was the day I started researching and making soap. I will never go back to commercial soap. True Story! (as my daughter would say)
 Liquid soap from the store is not soap. Read the ingredients. It is basically a detergent. Do you really want to use this on your body? 
Bar Soaps. There are a lot of bar soaps out there. Which one do you use? Read the label do they call it soap or a cleansing bar? 
Well, to be perfectly honest with you there are very few I would buy. Dove is not one of them. Dove starts out as a fairly decent soap. Then they extract the natural glycerin and replace it with what they call cream. Well, what is this cream? Chemicals. Why take out the glycerin? They use it in cosmetics. So a perfectly good bar of soap is now ruined. 
If your going to buy commercial soap, I recommend Neutroegena, Burt's Bees and any glycerin soap they might happen to have. 
Handmade Soap. I make 4 kinds of handmade soap. Glycerin , Hot Process, Cold Process and Room Temperature Cold Process. I do not use animal fat in my soaps, most commercial soaps do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using animal fat in your soap. It makes a very nice hard bar of soap, I just don't want it in my soap. Tallow or tallowate in your ingredients list is animal fat. 
 The number one question I receive concerning soap is about my glycerin soap. Why is there propylene glycol in your soap. Propylene glycol is like glycerin and is in most glycerin soaps, it is edible, it's in everything from antifreeze to ranch dressing. Why do we use it? It reduces the freezing point of items containing water. You could use glycerin in your antifreeze but it wouldn't be very good for your car. At some point in time, someone pointed out that it was in antifreeze, therefore letting everyone think it was poison. It is not poison and I choose to use it in my glycerin soaps, because it is superior to glycerin.
 Number 2 question. Do I buy or make my glycerin soap. I do both. For body soaps I make it and for novelty and decorative soaps I buy a low sweat coconut based soap. 
 Ok, I will stop about soap. Please browse my soaps, Handmade Soaps ask questions and try them, you will not be disappointed.

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